Black Lace Branding

"No, I don't make cupcakes. Black Lace and Cupcakes are my branding for my art site." 

I love this interaction, it opens the conversation for my to explain myself. Usually I'm approached with "I love your look/outfit," and I progress it to talking about being an artist and how I use my image as an extension of my brand. It's so east to meet people when you stick out in a crowd. 

I love circus, burlesque, theatrical ware; and just in the past couple of months have really been expanding on these aesthetics in my outward appearance. I don't wear it everyday, but if I'm at an event that I can pull it off at you better believe I will. 

It just so happens that I had three opportunities to strut my stuff this week:

UICA Gallery opening and reception for JUMP OFF

I have 2 pieces of art in this gallery show currently up at the UICA. It's the first time in 6 years that they held an open call. I am so proud to be featured. 
I wore my 10 yard skirt with my Hilary's Vanity black and white dress and my thigh-high fence nets. 






Rumors Night Club - Drag Night

I am an aspiring bioqueen, I love to go to shows at Rumors, and it's a great time for me to strut my stuff. I wore a black lace tank top with a black lace bra and my multi-tiered pearl necklace. People always comment on my jewelry ... my secret? Wal. Mart.  - No joke. 




Let Them Eat Cake - LaTesha Lipcomb and Mod Bettie Studio

This body positive event was bonkers. I can not wait for them to do more. I have already asked to be considered to sit in on the panel. This one took a lot of courage to get out of the car, but I did it and it was so worth it. I was stopped, I was photographed I felt incredible. The corset is from Lover's Lane, tulle bustle and fishnets. This outfit looked a little like I belonged with a magician on stage, but I loved it.