Venus Rising Exhibition

Saturday was the 5th annual Venus Rising show held at the Tangent Gallery in Detroit. My ArtPrize piece "Struggle & Release" was featured in this unique and incredible art show. The show included art from the South East area of Michigan (and me), along with performance art, singing, and a fashion show. 

I was stopped a few times for my unique outfit for the night. I wore black leather heeled boots, patterned fishnets, black 10 yard skirt (hiked in front), neon green and black crinoline bustle, black lace high collar shirt, black and white stripe corset and black lace fingerless gloves. Topped off with a green streak in my hair, black lip stick and smokey eyes. 

I will post more about my makeup, what brand and colors in a general makeup post at some other time. 

This look was steam punk and goth inspired, created to be daring, attention attracting and mysterious. 

 Plus a bonus baby in the background! 

Plus a bonus baby in the background!