Fruit Salad

This update is long over due, so much has happened in the last few weeks... is still happening. 

UICA/Cultivate - the Lettuce Dress

I was incredibly lucky to be able to attend the UICA's kick off for their ArtPrize exhibit, "Cultivate." The theme was "Flora and Farmer," and I decided to run with it and made a dress inspired by purple lettuce/kale. The dress is am empire style waist with layers of green ruffled lace and purple accents.

My makeup was also inspired by the colors, I use almost exclusively Hard Candy makeup. For my lips I used brown eyeliner and Hard Candy's "Sunshine," yellow lipstick. My eye makeup faded from purple to the bright green, my eyebrows were filled in with the dark purple eye shadow. 





Yes, we all know ArtPrize has come and gone and I can give you a hundred angles and opinions about what happens during this yearly giant of an art competition. The reality of it is though, if you want to be a working artist, you play along, you enter ArtPrize. I try to make sure my entry every year is big and has a commentary. This years piece was meant to make people uncomfortable, to ask questions. The Apartment Lounge, the oldest gay bar in the city hosted the piece for me and it was a hit. The piece was mentioned in a national by article published by "The Daily Beast" that spoke to the LGBTQ+ artwork that was in ArtPrize, which is funded in part by the DeVos family. Along with the National mention, I was asked by a student at GVSU to do an interview regarding gender roles and my artwork. 

Colorful Black Lace Exhibition

Friday October 6, my first solo gallery show since college opened at Great Legs Winery in Holland. It was a modest reception, but the art was very well received. The show consists of the beginnings of the LGBTQ+ series "Fruit," my children's portrait series "Childhood," and a new group of art that is made of vintage collage pieces. The show runs until November first.